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In life, all manner of success and advancement often depend greatly on the quality of an individual's speech and language skills. However, did you know that one in six people in the United States suffers from some form of speech and language impairment? Left unresolved, communication disorders can negatively impact the emotional, social, academic and vocational aspects of one's life.
Felix M. DiPalma, M.S., CCC, is a certified, licensed Speech-Language-Pathologist who has been evaluating and treating all disorders of human communication for forty-three years.
At the office of Felix M. DiPalma, conveniently located in Pleasant Plains on Staten Island, the atmosphere is always friendly, the attention is always personal, and the service is always of the highest professional standard.
Most qualified insurance plans are accepted, and New York State Empire Plan patients are welcome.
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Speech Therapy in beautiful Pleasant Plains, Staten Island, NY 10309.
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