Health Insurance Coverage for the Treatment of Communication Disorders

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At the office of Felix M. DiPalma, most qualified insurance plans are accepted. Included in your free, no obligation telephone consultation is discussion of your specific health plan. Though coverage's vary greatly, Felix M. DiPalma has extensive knowledge of the speech pathology provisions of most insurers in the metropolitan area. He will inform you of, or help you determine, the extent of your speech therapy coverage.
Fortunately, many insurers have liberal coverage which allows for payment or reimbursement for all clinical services rendered by speech-language pathologists. However, some insurers have specific inclusions and exclusions, and still others determine coverage on a case by case basis.
Therefore, while it is urgent to select a provider based on expertise, experience and dedication, it is also important to select one who will advocate vigorously on your behalf for treatment coverage. Felix M. DiPalma's reputation as a patient advocate is renowned not only amongst those he has treated, but throughout the speech-language pathology community. He has lectured on this topic for the edification of fellow practitioners as well as citizen organizations.

Felix M. DiPalma maintains a very dynamic affiliation with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ASHA) Office of Third Party Reimbursement, availing himself of their extensive resources, and sharing his experiences and successes with that patient advocacy division of ASHA. The combination of ASHA's expert legal advice together with Felix M. DiPalma's forty-three years of patient advocacy experience serves to produce the best financial outcomes.
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