A Special Message For New York State Empire Plan Patients

From Felix M. DiPalma of Pleasant Plains, Staten Island

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N.Y.S. Empire Plan Members Have a Valuable Benefit

If you or a member of your family are among the 12,000 Staten Islanders covered by the N.Y.S. Empire Plan, you may be eligible to receive necessary speech therapy at no cost to you. Call today for more specific information and learn how a cost free, committed investment of time can help you or your family member overcome speech and language impairment and, thus, improve quality of life. There is so much to gain; why not call to initiate the process? Do it for yourself. Do it for your family member. Do it today.

The Power of Patient Advocacy

While advocating for a single individual's insurance coverage is daunting yet rewarding, Felix M. DiPalma has also successfully challenged a major local sector of the insurance industry on behalf of tens of thousands of New Yorkers whose speech therapy coverage was abruptly terminated. When the New York State Empire Plan, one of the largest insurers of state employees in New York State, ceased paying for speech therapy for every one of its patients receiving treatment on the notion of absence of medical necessity, Felix M. DiPalma arranged for a consultation with the Chief Medical Director of the offending insurance company. As a result of that consultation, Felix M. DiPalma's Empire Plan patients were reinstated to him with full coverage, as were thousands throughout the state, each to their respective Empire Plan provider.

However, the greatest success achieved through this meeting was the insurance company's immediate decision to adopt one of the most liberal speech-pathology policies available in New York for those who suffer from communication disorders. In the intervening three decades since this successful appeal, thousands of people have been reimbursed for cost of treatment for disorders of one of our most human of characteristics; our ability to effectively communicate through language.
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