Speech Evaluation Procedure and Speech Therapy Process

Administered by Felix M. DiPalma of Pleasant Plains, Staten Island

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A general practitioner, Felix M. DiPalma treats children and adults of all ages who suffer from the full spectrum of speech and language disorders.
The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the patient which is designed to determine the full scope and extent of the communication disorder, while exploring probable causes, as well as factors responsible for maintaining the condition. Once he is equipped with this information, Felix M. DiPalma is able to create a custom therapeutic plan specific to the needs of the patient.
All evaluative and therapeutic procedures are personally administered by Felix M. DiPalma at his office in Pleasant Plains, where cordial service is delivered in a relaxing environment with ample amenities provided for your comfort.
Call today and learn how to begin the process of avoiding the negative ramifications of unresolved speech and language impairment. Start improving the quality of life for you or your family by receiving a free, friendly, no obligation telephone consultation.

Additional Services:

  • Foreign accent modification
  • Regional accent modification
  • Corporate Speech Pathology
  • Public speaking
  • Development of interview skills
  • Dialogue, dialect and stage speech instruction for actors
  • Felix M. DiPalma is available to speak to your group or organization.
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Felix M. DiPalma treats people of all ages to improve quality of life through improved communication skills.
Don't miss a word she says! Have your child's speech evaluated and treated as soon as you suspect a problem.
Encourage advancement in business through refined speaking skills.
Don't wait any longer. Call today to discuss your concerns. Adolescents can improve their socialization skills by improving their communication skills.